Hangman Page Shares His Own Meaning Of WAP

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WAP means something that we can’t write here because this is a family-friendly website. Since we don’t want to offend you, we’ll just suffice it to say that it is a very vulgar way to express that… you know what? Just Google it.

Hangman Page has his own meaning of WAP. Since AEW Dynamite is preempted this week due to the NBA Playoffs, 1/2 of the AEW World Tag Team Champions tweeted out to promote Dynamite’s new night this week. He also decided to share his own meaning of WAP.




Preempted from wednesday to tonight at 6pm et on tnt

AEW Dynamite will be on at 6:00 PM tonight on TNT, or whenever the NBA Playoffs are over. It should be a big show as they are competing with NXT TakeOver: XXX. Click here for a full rundown of what to expect this week.

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