Tony Khan is all about numbers. He is an analytics guy and has used this mindset while explaining a lot of his decision making. The numbers don’t lie, but on WWE television they might be mocked.

Joseph Parks, the former Abyss debuted on SmackDown as AJ Styles’ assistant of sorts. Parks is a numbers guy and helped form a list of who should face Styles for his IC Title. There were no names on that list, but Jeff Hardy put himself on the list and later won the title.

During his Twitch stream, AJ Styles addressed whether WWE bringing Joseph Parks to television and making so many numbers jokes was a way of dragging AEW’s President Tony Khan. Styles didn’t see if like that at all.

“So there were statistics that Joseph Parks did and analytics, and it was said somewhere that ‘WWE’s AJ Styles taking a shot at AEW because they keep up with [rankings]. Like, what? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, like, why? I feel like maybe the information they were getting from whoever it was, from dirt sheets and whatnot, are just not there anymore so they’re really just making stuff up… It was not a shot. It was a story, and it had nothing to do with Tony Khan.”

WWE was also accused of mocking Tony Khan by mirroring the Robert Stone Brand after him. This could be fans connecting dots that aren’t there, but it could also always be WWE taking legitimate cuts at the competition and fans are simply in tune enough to pick up on it.

We’ll have to pay close attention to what WWE puts on television. Generally, if it appears on WWE television it is approved and was placed there for a reason, just saying.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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