WWE ThunderDome Moderators’ Responsibilities Revealed


The WWE ThunderDome brought a lot of questions and fans will soon find out what the company has in mind. The idea of virtual fans is new to pro wrestling, but WWE is going to do it up big in the ThunderDome.

Wrestling Inc has cleared up some questions about how fans will rotate on the screens around the ring. Keep in mind that the company reserves the right to take anyone off for any reason (that includes for sporting AEW gear).

It is reported that WWE will swap out fans every 15 to 30 minutes. Fans might find their image in a different part of the ThunderDome, or they could be swapped out.

The fans in the virtual audience will be rotated every 15 – 30 minutes. After that time, the viewer could be re-positioned to another location on the video board or removed from the live feed entirely. Viewers will not be in the audience for the entire show.

They do have fans on stand-by. Emails will be sent to those fans if a spot opens up in case someone’s feed goes down. There will also be moderators who will interact with those fans in the ThunderDome. It’s unknown if the moderator will prompt the audience on how to react.

The company has a team of people in charge of rotating and positioning each fan in the ThunderDome on the big LED video boards.

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