Dominik Mysterio Explains How SummerSlam Training Is Preparing Him For Anything

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Dominik Mysterio is set for a hug career-defining match at SummerSlam, but it will also mark his pro wrestling debut with WWE. He is doing whatever possible to make sure he’s prepared for anything.

During WWE The Bump, Dominik Mysterio explained that he’s been training in different types of situations to make sure that he’s ready for the Monday Night Night Messiah at SummerSlam, no matter what he might try.

“We have plans set up so if worst comes to worst we have plans set up for that, but have been training in different types of environments, not only in-ring. We live out in mountains so we’re doing hikes and taking trails and doing boxing and doing everything we can to prepare for this street fight. I’ve never been in a street fight let alone a regular wrestling match so we’re preparing for everything.”

Dominik Mysterio is getting an incredibly rare chance to debut on a WWE pay-per-view. Having a famous father certainly got his foot in the door. We’ll have to see what he has in store to make sure that fans pay attention to what he brings to the table other than his famous last name.

Transcription by Ringside News

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