WWE’s new RAW Underground segment has some supporters, but others aren’t so quick to show their support. Arn Anderson seems to be one of those detractors.

The RAW Underground segments have a lot of people talking. WWE might even introduce a title to the segment as a prize to fight for. The company is doing whatever they can to draw interest.

During the ARN Show, The Enforcer discussed the new RAW Underground segments. He watched about a minute of it and then turned the channel. He compared it to “grasping at straws” because what RAW Underground presents is not pro wrestling to him.

“I saw a minute of it to figure out what it was and I immediately cut the channel off. I’m not a fan. I think it’s grasping at straws. We are a wrestling product. Anytime we vary from being a wrestling product, it is always less than. To have guys falling out there and having knockouts and choke outs in a minute and move to the next one feels like throwing stuff up against the wall to see if it will stick. It’s not what we do and anytime you try to get away and go another direction, I think you’re making a mistake.”

We’ll have to see how the RAW Underground segments progress as WWE moves to the Amway Center. Ivar will face Dolph Ziggler next week in Shane McMahon’s Underground fight club.

We can’t imagine that those RAW Underground segments will be live due to how they are edited together. Fans also never know what will happen inside the ThunderDome.

On that note, WWE ThunderDome received a huge response. It was a quick “sell-out” as fans rushed to be a part of the virtual fan experience. Check out the rules here.

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