AEW Dynamite announced their debut Wednesday nights, but then WWE announced that NXT would do the same thing. NXT was always on Wednesday nights on the WWE Network, but a move to the USA Network changed everything about how they tape their shows.

Triple H previously spoke about AEW and he said that competition is healthy. This was around the time that NXT revived the Great American Bash at the same time as Fyter Fest.

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez discussed NXT’s recent moves and some fan complaints about AEW’s product as well. He stated that not every move that NXT makes involves Vince McMahon. He said that NXT has to compete with AEW which has become a driving force behind a lot of their decisions.

“I know nobody believes this, but Vince has nothing to do with this. There’s a million changes from when they went to USA that don’t involve Vince. I mean, yes Vince wanted them on USA and he wanted them to be live. Okay, because obviously they’re going to make more money by going live, but they went from taping 5 shows where everything is just consistent to every single solitary week you hear that AEW’s got a big show coming up, you gotta change this, you gotta rush this — that’s the problem.”

WWE doesn’t like losing to AEW Dynamite every week. NXT recently added more writers to their staff in order to come up with ideas to shift the momentum.

This is an interesting time for WWE as the Wednesday Night Wars rage on, but AEW is also entering a time when their show will not be on their regular scheduled time due to the NBA Playoffs. We’ll have to see if NXT can snag some of those fans during AEW’s brief hiatus from Wednesday nights.

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