Triple H Went The Extra Mile For Shotzi Blackheart When Her Car Was Stolen

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Triple H knows how important things like ring gear are for a Superstar. This is certainly the case for Shotzi Blackheart which is why her recent experience with a stolen car was so tragic.

Blackheart’s signature horned helmet was in the trunk of her car when it was stolen. This left her without a helmet to wear on her way to the ring. She only had one helmet and it had significant sentimental value.

Thankfully, Shotzi Blackheart’s car was recovered. She found her helmet and upon being reunited she called her relationship with that helmet “the greatest love story ever.” Triple H had Blackheart’s back as well. When he found out her helmet was stolen he had WWE’s prop people make up a new one for her.

I didnt get to wear this but it came with a really awesome story so I wanted to share. As soon as @TripleH found out about my car and helmet he made sure that I had help and had the crew put this together for me in time for my match filmed only 1 day after it was stolen!

Blackheart didn’t get to wear that helmet Triple H had WWE make up for her. Hopefully, she will get to hang onto it. She might be able to switch it out to wear to the ring as a nod to how Triple H went the extra mile to help her out in her time of need.

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