Hair has a lot to do with a Superstar’s image. This is why a hair vs hair match has so much interest, especially when females are involved.

WWE Superstar Naomi is known for her dance club entrance. Her hair also gets a fair amount of attention. Some fans talk about her hair, but Naomi is happy with the image she is able to present.

Naomi recently spoke to The New Day: Feel The Power where she addressed fans who talk about her hair. She is very proud of her hair and wants to represent women like her. People who understand Naomi’s hair connect with her on that level. It is not only a way for her to be proud of her she is, but The Glow can also inspire others.

“It was a conscious decision.  That is something I have always been proud of that I’ve always been aware of to represent women like me, our culture and our people.  Not just being a feminist or just being a woman, but because I am black and I look the way I look and I talk the way I talk, there are people that connect with me differently and identify with me because of those things.  I remember in the beginning when I came in, I wanted to wear my natural hair.  I was told, we want you to look this way and they showed me one of my old Magic (Orlando Magic cheerleading) pictures and I had long straight hair.  That was the look they were wanting me to go with.  I said ok, that’s fine.  I knew I couldn’t do it then, but when I get in the door and when I make it, I’m going to be me.  I got to that point where I was like, I don’t care.  Like it or don’t like it, I’m rocking my hair like this.”

Naomi recently had #NaomiDeservesBetter break out online. Those fans were behind Naomi for more than just her hair, but that is certainly a part of who she is. She will continue rocking her hair however she wishes as she realizes just how much it does mean to others who identify with her.

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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