AJ Styles is quite easily one of the top ten performers of this era and many would put him at the very top of their lists. He is one of the very few pro-wrestlers who have tasted immense success both outside and inside the WWE.

Styles revealed in a recent Twitch stream that he would have gone a different route if things were different in his youth.

Styles said that if MMA was as popular as it is today, he would have gone right into training after high-school, learning it all and putting it to good use.

He said that there are many youngsters trying to make it as successful mixed martial artists and therefore they start right out of highschool and have an advantage over everyone else because of how long they’ve been training.

If MMA would have been as popular as it is now, I would have been one of those guys right out of high school, probably, right into MMA school, learning everything and doing it. There’s no question. But you’re talking about kids nowadays that are, like I said, right out of high school jumping into this, or earlier. So they’ve got a leg up on everybody. They’ve been training for a while.

Given Styles’s tremendous athleticism and dedication towards his craft, he could have reached the upper echelon of mixed-martial arts as well. However, things went differently and he ended up becoming one of the greatest pro-wrestlers of all time instead.

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Thank you to Wrestling Inc for the quotes.

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