Shawn Michaels made a lot of money for WWE during the Monday Night Wars, and he was a part of one of the biggest stables in pro wrestling history during that period of time. Prior to that, WCW still wasn’t interested.

Eric Bischoff recently addressed HBK during 83 Weeks where he was able to take a walk down memory lane. In the process, he shot down a rumor that WCW tried to get Jose Lothario to appear on Nitro in June 1997 to get rumors going that Michaels was on the way.

Bischoff stated that rumor was “pure fiction” by Dave Meltzer. Then he went on to make it clear that everyone knew Shawn Michaels was a “headcase” back then, so they weren’t touching him. 

“That was pure fiction by Meltzer. There was never a discussion, there was never an intent. Shawn Michaels – if he hears this, and I doubt he will but he might read the recap somewhere, as talented as he was and as much of a star he was, he was a f*cking headcase. He knew it, and he certainly acknowledges it now.”

“I had zero interest in Shawn Michaels, or creating the perception and stirring the sh*t that would have been stirred in my own locker room and on my own roster by even the suggestion that that was gonna happen.”

Shawn Michaels was a real needle mover for WWE and he was a part of many angles that helped boost the company’s public profile. WCW could have possibly seen a lot of success if they got HBK to make the jump in 1997. Apparently, they were never interested.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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