Goldberg On ‘Assh*le’ Fans Booing Him During WWE Return


Goldberg made a return to the WWE ring and became Universal Champion at 53-years-old. That is quite an accomplishment, but he’s not going to make everyone happy.

While he recently sat down to chat with American Monster Productions, Goldberg talked about how his last run in WWE was different. He wanted to prove that he could go out there and present a different type of monster with the same Jackhammer delivering power. He doesn’t feel as though he tarnished his legacy either.

When it comes to those “asshole” fans, Goldberg doesn’t seem to pay them any mind. He will continue to ignore them if they want to boo what he is able to bring to the table. That is one of the things that Goldberg understands is part of the game.

“It’s hard, it’s nerve racking. But I’m 53 years old now, things are different for me,” Goldberg said. “If I go out and a crowd boos me, I don’t take it personally and feel as if we’re not worthy of doing anything. No offence guys. There’s a lot of asshole fans out there. There’s a different generation of fans now, they want to be that guy that started that chant, and that guy that made Goldberg spit at them, or do whatever. I’m not here to give them the time to do that.

“The reality is they are paying for me to put on a show for them, they are not paying for them to be a part of the show. They’re a part of the show because they interact, but interacting in a negative malicious way is very disrespectful.”

We’ll have to see if Goldberg makes a WWE return any time soon. Vince McMahon can always call him back, and he might be able to get prepared for another match if he’s given a few weeks. Until that day happens Goldberg is quite happy to be at home.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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