Carmella Reacts To Couple Using Her WWE Music As Their Wedding Reception Entrance

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The songs that a couple chooses for their wedding day should be very important. When the bride and groom make their way to the wedding reception the music during that moment should have a special meaning as well. One happy couple decided that they wanted their reception to be FABULOUS.

Carmella reacted to hearing about a couple who used her song in their wedding by saying: “Whattt I need to see a video!! Congrats!” She also used a few “mind blown” emojis.

When the video dropped it did not disappoint. The newly married couple made their way to the reception while Carmella’s music played. They also had WWE Title belts around their shoulders. Perhaps they are the World Champions Of Marriage?

Carmella loved the video and replied with more congratulations to the happy couple.

This certainly gives us some ideas about WWE themed wedding suggestions. What Superstar entrance song would you pick for your big day? You can check out the footage below.

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