Why WWE Doesn’t Tell Fans What Is Going To Be On Television Every Week


WWE likes to surprise their fans, but today’s day fans also like to know what is going to happen. Letting fans know what is scheduled for a show would be nice, but WWE doesn’t do it that way.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed WWE’s mentality about not telling fans what is going to be on the show every week. Fans will generally have an idea, but WWE doesn’t release a full line-up even if it’s a pre-taped episode.

“Their mentality is that main event is the only thing that counts so the main event is the only one they’re gonna tell you and maybe one or two matches.”

“That is their mentality — there’s certain things that’s WW’s mentality. You don’t give all the TV matches, that’s just their mentality they’ve been doing it for 25 years and 25 years ago it worked.”

It was noted that 25 years ago it wasn’t really working all that well either, but they have seen success with the idea. Fans now tune into WWE programming with the intention of seeing something that they know is going to be on the show. They aren’t tuning in faithfully every week ready to watch whatever WWE is able to put on the program.

WWE not telling fans what to expect in advance also gives Vince McMahon the opportunity to change plans around. That should always be taken into consideration.

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