Lio Rush Reveals His ‘New Name’ After WWE

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Lio Rush is no more. He was released from WWE and now Lio has a new name he would like to go by.

Rush’s “Final Match” was a song. You can find more information about that here. It seems that he is leaving his days in the ring behind him, and he is making it Twitter official with an announcement that his name is now Lionel Green.

His name was actually always Lionel Green because that’s his real name. He just wanted to make it clear that now fans can call him Lionel Green instead. He even changed his Twitter handle to @NotLioRush so they know not to call him Lio Rush.

He doesn’t want to be called Lio Rush, but he did lock down that name with a copyright.

Lionel Gerard Green is only 25 years old so there are many things left for him to do. He declared that he might not ever wrestle again and then he sold his gear. You can never say never about the wrestling bug biting him again. It doesn’t seem like he’s getting closer to the ring.

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