Interesting Note About Botched Move During WWE Horror Show at Extreme Rules

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Sasha Banks and Asuka wrestled at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. Their match’s finish was actually changed during the day. Then things got pretty interesting during the match as well.

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Sasha Banks went for a move off the ropes during her match with Asuka, but she fell. The Boss sold her knee for a bit which led some to believe it was on purpose. Then her knee selling diminished and it didn’t play into the end of the match at all.

The selling was so evident that some fans thought that it was part of the match. It was noted by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio that Sasha Banks did botch the move. Asuka also didn’t follow-up and start working on Banks’ knee.

“She did a great selling job to make you think it was serious when in fact, she fell off the ropes,” Meltzer commented.

Accidents happen in the ring and nobody’s perfect, but Banks selling he knee following that botch was enough to make some fans believe it was planned. The spot was an accident, but Banks convincing so many fans that it was part of the plan should definitely go to her credit.

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