Drew McIntyre successfully defended his WWE Championship against his former tag-team partner Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler chose the match stipulation which allowed him to use any and all weapons he needed but if McIntyre did so, he’d lose the title.

Drew ultimately came out victorious after landing a vicious Claymore on The Show Off. In a backstage interview after the match, McIntyre was asked if his decision to let Ziggler choose a stipulation for their match was a mistake.

The Scottish Psychopath admitted that he might have gotten ahead of himself when making a decision like that and allowing someone like Ziggler the liberty to choose the stipulation for their match.

He said that Ziggler made the most out of the stipulation he chose. However, he said that he will learn from the mistake he’s made and will now move on to other challengers.


I would love to lie and say it of course it wasn’t a mistake. You know, I would overcome anything but yes, there were times in that match including when he made that announcement, this might have been a mistake. Truthfully, I might have got a little overconfident, you know, jumped in there two feet first when I allowed someone like Dolph Ziggler to pick the stipulation. I should have known better. He picked a stipulation, it benefitted him, he really really took it to me and maximised that stipulation. Nonetheless, to err is human, I am gonna learn, I am gonna move on, I am gonna be a better champion. And Dolph’s out of the equation now, so I am moving on to someone else. We’re moving on to RAW tomorrow, so everybody, Champ needs a Challenger, keep lightning em’ up and I’ll keep knocking em’ out.

With Ziggler out of the title picture, it will be interesting to see who steps up to McIntyre come Monday on RAW. This could be a great opportunity for a number of Superstars to rise to the occasion and get a shot at McIntyre’s Championship.

Who do you want to see McIntyre face next for the WWE Championship? Sound off in the comments below!

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Darshan Sheth

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