Kelly Klein Calls Out ROH For Not Following Up On #SpeakingOut Movement Investigation

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ROH released a statement saying that they would be investigating all allegations brought forward as part of the #SpeakingOut Movement. Kelly Klein wants to know what the status is on this.

Klein called out ROH or not doing anything regarding this investigation. She claims to have witnessed inappropriate behavior from Jay Lethal. She also wondered what is up with the investigation regarding the allegations against Marty Scurll.

In a second tweet, Kelly Klein also explained that she went to several members of ROH management, but no complaint was submitted to human resources.

When do we get the update? What’s Marty doing to be part of the solution?

2018: HR questioned me re: @Taeler_Hendrix claims against Jay Lethal.

I confirmed details I witnessed. HR LIED to Taeler- said no one confirmed anything.

Maybe this one will be a REAL “investigation”.

“That’s when I found out my own complaint brought to GGilleland, HJohnston, and JKoff had never even been forwarded to HR. There was no investigation. HJohnston provided my name to Jay who was allowed to create a hostile work environment for me, & I was forced to accommodate HIM.”

Klein replied to another fan asking if the “thing” against Jay Lethal is true. She corrected him by saying: “things” because she apparently saw multiple offenses.

We will have to see if this encourages ROH to update fans on the current status of this investigation. Kelly Klein seems to be growing impatient which could cause her to do her own investigating.

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