Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary 2020. The even kicks off at 8:00 PM EST — check back then and we’ll get this started

Slammiversary is usually a big show. This year is getting a lot of attention. Not only could there be some surprise debuts, but Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are going to be there after announcing their new Impact Wrestling contracts.

A new Impact World Champion will be crowned tonight as well. That is guaranteed after Tessa Blanchard was fired. A mystery competitor will join Ace Austin, Eddie Edwards, and Trey Miguel in a fatal four-way match for the title.

Jordynne Grace will defend her Knockouts Title against Deonna Purrazzo. The North will also have a brutal time on their hands as Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock try to capture the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles.

Willie Mack is set to defend the X Division Title against Chris Bey. Moose will also defend the TNA Title against Tommy Dreamer in an Old School Match, whatever those rules entail.

You can check out the entire card below.

Impact World Title

Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Trey Miguel vs. mystery competitor

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title

Jordynne Grace vs. Deonna Purrazzo

#1 Contender for Knockouts Championship

Madison Rayne vs. Kimber Lee vs. Rosemary vs. Neveah vs. Su Yung/Susie vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Taya Valkyrie vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Alisha Edwards vs. Kylie Rae vs. Jessika Havok – Gauntlet Match

TNA Title Match

Moose vs. Tommy Dreamer – Old School Rules

X Division Title

Willie Mack vs Chris Bey

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Title

The North vs. Ken Shamrock & Sami Callihan

Rascalz issue an Open Challenge

Rascalz Open Challenge

Motor City Machine Guns accept the challenge. It was great to see them back.

They started out fast and then tagged out to their partners. Then Sabin and Dez had a chance to wrestle a bit until Sabin was sent outside with a hurricanrana. Wentz took the tag and they hit Sabin with a series of kicks and a stomp for a two count.

Wentz continued to work on Sabin until he tagged in Dez who hit a senton and tagged Wentz who hit a senton then he tagged again and they repeated the process again with sentons on Sabin.

The Motor City Machine Guns took control as they took the Rascalz out with kicks. The veterans continued to maintain control as Wentz was unable to make a tag to Dez. Shelley took the tag and they hit a combo with an inverted atomic drop, legsleep, and a kick to the back for a two count.

Shelley sent Wentz into Sabin’s boots and then Sabin hit a suplex for a two count before applying an armbar. The Motor City Machine Guns hit a ton of chops on Wentz and then they nail a double kick.

Dez finally got the tag before he sent Sabin into Shelley. The Dez nailed a dropkick and used Sabin as a platform to nail Shelley again. Shelly took the tag and he got backed into the corner as Wentz tagged in.

Shelley took a superkick and a chest stomp for a two count before Sabin broke it up.

After a codebreaker, Wentz climbed up top, but Shelley got to knees up on a senton. Soon everyone was down and Sabin took the tag. He climbed up and nailed a dropkick to the back of Dez’ neck.

Sabin nailed a roundhouse kick as Shelley held Dez. Then they nailed a double team move and got a two count as Wentz drove Shelley back into the pin.

Motor City Machine Guns nailed another double team move to sent Wentz out. Then they won the match.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

Moose vs Tommy Dreamer – TNA Title Match – Old School Match

Tommy Dreamer’s shirt says “Moose Sucks Eggs.” Nice nod to Terry Funk who once wore a “Dusty Sucks Eggs” shirt.

Moose started by manhandling Dreamer. Dreamer moved and Moose missed an elbow just to nip back up and hit a pump kick before sending Dreamer outside the ring.

Dreamer hit Moose in the head with a garbage can lid. Then he choked Moose with a baseball jersey. Moose moved and Dreamer hit guardrail with a chair. Then Moose nailed Dreamer with a chair. Moose hit a suplex on the stage next.

Moose got a kendo stick next and he took it to Dreamer’s knee and then Dreamer moved and hit a Russian legsweep with the kendo stick before getting his own shot in until Moose nailed a boot to Dreamer as he came off the middle turnbuckle.

Moose put a trashcan on Dreamer and nailed a dropkick. “This is so easy!” Moose said. “So damn easy!”

Moose went for a move off the top, but Dreamer caught him with a cutter on a trashcan for a two count. Dreamer got a chair next and he set it in the ring. Moose sent Dreamer into the chair with a legsweep and then he wen out to add more chairs to the ring, a lot more.

Then Moose went in and slammed Tommy into the chairs before hitting a standing moonsault for a two count. Then Moose went for a moonsault off the top, but Tommy moved and Moose took the bump on the chairs. Tommy hit a DDT for a two count.

Then Dreamer got a bag from under the ring and he put tacks in the ring. Moose blocked a piledrivre and Moose hit a lowblow. Moose said Tommy is an “old piece of garbage” and he tried to push Dreamer into the tacks while screaming at him.

Dreamer fought back, but Moose racked his eyes and sent Dreamer face-first into tacks then he hit a Lights Out Spear and won.

Winner: Moose

Knockouts Gauntlet Match

Tasha Steelz started out with Kylie Rae. After two minutes, Taya Valkyrie came out, but it was Johnny Bravo instead. Tasha and Kylie sent him out quickly. Kimber Lee cam out directly afterward to join the match.

Lee hit a couple of backbreakers and then hit a suplex on Rae. Tasha knocked Lee down. Then Kiera Hogan came out and she teamed up with Tasha. Susie was out next to hit everyone with palm strikes and protect Kylie.

Tasha was eliminated by Kylie who nailed a Superkick that sent her over the top rope. Katie Forbes was out next to join the match. Hogan tried to twek with Katie, but she didn’t have time for it.

Madison Rayne was out next and then Havoc joined the match a minute later. She destroyed everyone even Kylie Rae.

Then the real Taya Valkyrie came out to take a beating to Havoc. Alisha Edwards was out next to hit a double clothesline on Kylie and Susie. Neveah came out next to join her long-time partner Havoc. Rosemary came out next and she looked too excited to be there.

Susie was eliminated as another Rosemary came out, but it was Johnny Bravo again. Bravo was able to eliminate Havoc and then Kylie threw Bravo out.

Madison tried to take Kylie out, but Kylie took her out instead. “I’m sorry!” Kylie said to her. Alisha and Neveah were both eliminated as Kimber Lee threw one into the other on the apron.

Hogan was sent over the ropes and eliminated as well. Suddenly the finally the final 4 until Kylie eliminated Kimber Lee.

Rosemary and Taya double teamed Kylie. She fought them off, but Rosemary was eliminated by accident when Taya tried to eliminate both of them. Now it is a one-on-one match.

They brawled a small bit before Rae hit a destroyer, a Superkick and a pin for the win.

Winner: Kylie Rae

Heath Slater jumped in the ring. Then Rahit Raju came out to talk to Heath and give him someone to beat up.

Willie Mack vs Chris Bey

They started out by throwing punches before going move for move with throw and then Mack hit a Thesz Press before Bey rolled out of the ring. Bey walked away and avoided a dive from Mack. Then Mack tripped Bey and sent him to the floor before putting him back in the ring.

Mack nailed a fallaway slam and a standing moonsault for a two count. Mack caught Bey on the top rope and climbed back up. Bey struggled and tried to hit a powerbomb, but he couldn’t do it so he hit a slingshot slingblade instead.

Bey hit a beautiful swinging neckbreaker for a two count before he picked Willie back up and took some slaps. Bey kicked Willie and then Bey rolled Mack up for a two count.

Bey nailed a kick and then Willie hit a powerbomb, but he couldn’t capitalize on it. They got back up at 8 and Willie immediately clotheslined Bey back down before taking a hurting to Bey from post to post.

Mack went for an exploder suplex, but Bey countered him and then Mack nailed an exploder into the turnbuckle.

Mack climbed up and Bey nailed a dropkick followed by another one to the back. Bey hit a destroyer for a two count.

Mack nailed a stunner and climbed up but he missed a six star frogsplash. Bey hit another destroyer and he caught Mack with his finisher for the win.

Winner: Chris Bey

Heath Slater was backstage where he reunited with Rhino. Then he was told that since he doesn’t work there he has to leave.

The North vs Ken Shamrock & Sami Callihan – Impact Tag Team Titles

Alexander and Shamrock started out and Josh took Ken down quickly. Shamrock had his arm, but the referee separated them. They started wrestling on the ground again as Shamrock tried to latch an arm and then an ankle, but Josh got to the bottom rope.

Callihan tagged himself in and then Sami punched Josh before backing him into the ropes. Then Callihan took down both members of the North after Ego took the tag. Shamrock continued to punish Ethan Page for a bit before he tagged Sami.

Sami and Ken kept tagging in and out. Then everyone went out of the ring where they brawled before returning to the ring. Josh backed Ken into the corner and then Page held Shamrock for a second while Josh took a shot and then Page was tagged in before Ken hit them both and tagged Sami Callihan.

Sami jumped in and sent Alexander out of the ring before hitting a brainbuster on Page for a two count. Sami chopped Page and Josh distracted him for a second so Page hit him with a dropkick and tagged Alexander again. Alexander continued to punish Callihan in the corner and then Page took the tag again.

Page then took Callihan down with a headlock. Sami countered with a jaw jacker before they shared some punches. They continued until Shamrock took the tag and then he ran wild on The North for a two count.

Callihan took the tag again, but Alexander reversed out of his Cactus Driver. He tagged Page and they nailed a double crucifix bomb for a two count.

Shamrock took a shot from Page on the apron and then he tagged Alexander. Callihan tagged Shamrock and he blocked Alexander and hit a belly-to-belly over the top rope.

Shamrock got Page in an ankle lock and then Alexander got an ankle lock on Callihan. Then Page and Callihan started slapping each other while they were in ankle locks.

Shamrock got an ankle lock on Alexander until Page shoved Callihan into Shamrock.

Callihan and Shamrock start fighting and then almost win the match with a GTS combo, but Page broke up the pin. Shamrock then accidentally kicked Callihan on the apron and Alexander climbed up when Shamrock joined him where he hit a super belly-to-belly.

Alexander rolled outside and then Shamrock missed a dive on the outside. The North rolled Shamrock back into the ring before they hit their double team facebuster finishing move for the win.

Winners: The North

After the match was over Ethan page cut a promo about how they’ve been champs for a year and then The Motor City Machine Guns came out to let The North know that they’re not the greatest.

Jordynne Grace vs Deonna Purrazzo – Knockouts Title Match

They started out fast and Deonna was sent outside quickly. Then Purrazzo took her time getting back in the ring.

Grace hit two shoulder tackles and threw Purrazzo outside of the ring before nailing a dive on her. They returned to the ring and Deonna kicked out at two.

They went up top and Deonna nailed a stomp off the top on Grace’s arm. Then she continued to focus on Jordynne’s arm. Grace ate some clotheslines and kicked out at two.

Then Deonna put Grace on the mat with an armbar. They continued and Purrazzo ended up bringing Grace back down with a cross armbreaker, but Grace continued to fight out of it. They got back to their feet as Grace continued to work on Grace’s arm.

Grace started hitting shoulder tackes and a senton to the back for a two count. They continued as Deonna tried for a roll=up, but Grace turned it into a chokehold and Deonna lost consciousness for a moment, but she came back and tried to roll Grace up for a pin.

Grace nailed a clothesline in the corner and then pulled Deonna to stretch her around the ring post. Then Deonna grabbed Grace’s arm and snapped her against the ropes. Deonna came back, but then Grace nailed another driver move for a two count. Grace got up and picked Deonna up, but she was brought back down with a spinebuster, Deonna tried to pin her, but then Grace jumped back up and hit a bigger spinebuster, but didn’t cover for a pinfall.

They started fighting from their knees and then Grace slammed Purrazzo. Grace slammed Purrazzo and then Graze took a German Suplex only to get up and give one to Deonna.

Purrazzo nailed a kick and then kicked Grace’s arm before hitting a snap suplex for a two count.

Grace nailed a boot in the corner and then she hit a running hip attack in the corner followed by a splash for a two count.

Graces continued to hammer at Deonna as she tried to grab her for a submission, but she wouldn’t budge. Suddenly, Deonna Purrazzo got a double armbar and won

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Trey Miguel vs. Rich Swann vs Eric Young- Impact World Title Match

Swann came dancing out as the mystery opponent. Then Eric Young made his return to the company and made it a five-way match.

This match was chaos throughout. Swann looked great and hadn’t missed a step. Eric Young was also on fire. Eric Young was busted open right above his eye early on as well.

Young came back and took a tilt-a-whirl DDT from Trey and then Swann nailed kicks and “Goes Matrix” on him before Trey knocked him to the floor as well. Eddie missed a clotheline and Trey jumped through the ropes and hit a destroyer on Swann on the outside.

Young and Ace fought on the inside and Young’s face was covered with blood by now. Eddie and Ace fought next as Trey climbed to the top rope and he was knocked down by Ace backing Eddie into the corner. Eddie hit a flapjack on Ace and a powerbomb. Then Young nailed a piledriver on Trey for a pinfall. He tried to pin everyone, but Eddie and Ace kicked out.

Swann took some shots from Young until he came back, but it was short-lived as Young nailed a suplex for a two count. They went up top and Swann nailed a bulldog off the top rope.

Ace and Eddie went to the top next then Rich joined them. Eric got under them and he powerbombed Swann into Ace and Eddie sending them plummeting to the ground and through a ringside table.

Young picked Swann up, but Rich fell over and over again. Then Swann pinned Eric Young with a roll-up pinfall.

Eric Young stuck around afterward and he beat Swann down. Then he took a chair to his knee.

Swann recovered quickly as he tried to roll Ace up over and over. Then they continued the battle in the ring. Ace hit The Fold and was pinned.

It was down to Ace Austin and Eddie Edwards. They started out by kicking each other and then Ace landed some punches as they fought on.

Eddie ended up against the ropes after Ace landed a few shots. Then Eddie returned fire with a series of brutal shops that sent Ace down to the pat. Ace nailed a kick to the head and created some separation.

Eddie baited Ace in and hit a belly to belly into the corner. Eddie hit turnbuckle as Ace moved. Then Eddie nailed a Boston Knee Party for a two count.

Ace nailed a Fold for a two count. Then Austin moved to the top rope and missed only to get hit by another Boston Knee Party. Then Eddie won.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

After the mach, The Good Brothers save Eddie from a beating. Then EC3 appeared on the screen before the event cut off.

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