Likely Reason Why AEW Stars Didn’t Wear Masks In Crowd During Fight For The Fallen


AEW has a very strict coronavirus policy. This is why Tony Schiavone was unable to make this week’s Fight For The Fallen tapings. Other stars were also noticeably absent from the show.

The crowd around AEW’s ring was excited to be there this week, but a majority of them were wearing masks. There were two people in the crowd who weren’t wearing masks and it was hard to miss them.

MJF and Wardlow were not covering their faces in the crowd during Dynamite this week. It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that one probable reason for that is because they are placed around the ringside area more as performers than fans.

Almost everyone at ringside was masked, and the ones that weren’t were MJF and Wardlow and with MJF in particular, he’s basically a star and he at ringside is to me more a performer than fan, and Wardlow is part of his entourage so it’s like if a big star comes out during a WWE television match to watch,

MJF and Wardlow are also heels which could give off the impression that heels don’t wear masks. The Salt Of The Earth hasn’t started screaming like a Karen about not wearing a mask just yet, but you can never count AEW out from merging reality into their storylines.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman isn’t presently in a feud, but he’s very high up in the AEW singles rankings. That could put him in a huge feud as the company rolls closer to All Out.

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