Lio Rush sent out several tweets on Friday. His first matter of business was dealing with an old beef with Finn Balor. It took just over an hour, but Balor replied on Twitter.

Balor said that he’s always been fond of Lio Rush, in and out of the ring. There is no heat between himself and the Man Of The Hour either. He just doesn’t care what people “make up online” because he prefers to “live in reality.”

The first-ever WWE Universal Champion followed that up by saying that he’s always willing to talk to Lio Rush. He closed his message by saying that he’s only tweeting “because it’s important to you,” but if Lio wants to talk with Balor then he is a phone call away.

Lio, ive always been very fond of you, both in and out of the ring. As I told you before, there is no heat. I choose to live life in reality,& not worry about what people make up online. I’m only tweeting this because I know it’s important to you, if you want to talk, call me x

We might never know if Lio Rush takes Finn Balor up on his offer to have a chat via phone. It might do a lot to mend the bridge between the two. Only two of them will know if they really settle things, especially if they keep thins off social media.

Lio Rush had a lot more to say as well, but not to Finn Balor. He also tweeted out a string of posts saying that “being black is not a gimmick.” He also pointed a finger at fans for “killing” pro wrestling.

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