Apollo Crews Talks Paul Heyman Being Hands On With His Push In WWE

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Paul Heyman’s goal was to build Superstars for tomorrow. He saw the trend in Superstars getting older and knew the potential in NXT, and on the indies. He also understood the value of some underutilized talents like Apollo Crews.

The current United States Champion is a Paul Heyman guy. We’ll have to see what happens with him next because he is defending that title against MVP at the Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

Crews opened up to Newsweek about Paul Heyman recently. He called his experience with Heyman “fantastic” and discussed how he took time to help build him up as a Superstar.

“Since I’ve shown that I’m reliable, and trustworthy it doesn’t necessarily matter too much so that helps me in that sense. I don’t feel like it’s going to work against me. Working with Heyman was fantastic. He was so hands-on with me and he helped me a lot. He was one of the main reasons for me getting this opportunity and I’m very thankful for everything he’s done for me and helped me with.”

“All I could do is look toward the future and I’m looking forward to working with Bruce [Prichard] as well. We’re going to make magic together and I’m excited for what’s to come and where I’m at right now. The company is seeing what I’m capable of after these past few months taking this opportunity and running with it.”

“Every now and then I think about those [past] moments and it keeps me humble and hungry, knowing where I could have been and where I could have still been. And that’s what drives me. Once you get complacent, that’s where things shift and go in the wrong direction.”

Hopefully, Bruce Prichard will be as kind to Apollo Crews as Paul Heyman. Crews has a ton of untapped potential and could do great things if WWE would put him in the right program. He was given a shot to shine and now he is taking full advantage of it.

The WWE landscape changed a lot when Paul Heyman left. We’ll have to see how many of his picks as future top stars receive a change of direction after a shift in backstage leadership.

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