Charlotte Flair Has Some Great Ideas For Cinematic Match In WWE

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Charlotte Flair has been a part of some memorable moments in WWE history. She has yet to be in a cinematic match. There are some good ideas out there.

Flair is currently out of action. She will be back as soon as she can. She must recover from plastic surgery and she also has a television show in the pipeline.

While on WWE The Bump (Transcription by Ringside News), Kayla Braxton asked The Queen about a possible cinematic match. Braxton had some suggestions that involved fighting in a castle. Flair loved that idea and she threw out some of her own ideas.

“If we could go film in a castle in Europe that would be pretty amazing with a legit crown and jewels [on my head]. My entrance is coming in on a dragon, I think so.”

Charlotte Flair then suggested that Andrade can be her king. “I see it. I definitely see it, who would be the donkey?” The Queen also quipped that “we’ll have to have Halsey playing in the background,”

WWE has yet to hold a cinematic match with females yet. We’ll have to see if they wait on Charlotte Flair’s return to finally pull one off.

Transcription by Ringside News

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