Shane “The Hurricane” Helms was one of the many producers who were furloughed by WWE on April 15th. The company called back Pat Buck to reassume his duties as a backstage producer and many are now expecting others to follow.

The Hurricane appeared on a Facebook Live interview with Sportskeeda and there he addressed his current status with the WWE. He revealed that he is still in constant touch with the company on a weekly basis.

He also revealed that he isn’t too uncomfortable with the idea of staying indoors until the pandemic ends. He went on to state that before being furloughed by the company, he hadn’t been on the road in 6-7 weeks.

I’m still in touch with them, pretty much on a weekly basis, but until live events start back, and you know, honestly, until this whole COVID thing is well under control, I’m not opposed to staying at home whatsoever. I love my house. I live in a big a** farm, so I got no problems in staying at home.

But you know, I imagine once we start live events, then they are really going to need more producers. I mean, they’ve got a solid crew in there, and I knew, even before the furlough, I hadn’t been on the road. The furlough happened on April 15th, Tax day, as a matter of fact, and I hadn’t been on the road for six, seven weeks, or something like that because of the virus, and I just knew that they are going to pay me to sit at home but only for so long.

Vince McMahon is in a hurry to bring back fans to the arenas and restart live events. Once that finally happens, Helms and many other producers will be brought back on board.

Helms still has a great relationship with WWE and he even defended the company regarding the Saudi Arabia controversy and said that he didn’t see anything “sketchy” happening during their trip to the country.

Thank you to Sportskeeda for the quotes.

Darshan Sheth

Darshan Sheth is a 20-year-old news contributor from India. He has been writing about pro-wrestling in particular since late 2015 and has not looked back since.

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