Matt Cardona Jokes That Mojo Rawley Needs Tag Team Partner After WWE Mislabels Him As A Champion


WWE accidentally labeled Mojo Rawley and Naomi as SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Mojo’s former Hype Bros tag team partner Zack Ryder noticed this botch and he had to comment.

Cardona and Mojo Rawley were the Hype Bros. Their team didn’t last long and Mojo eventually squashed Zack Ryder only to not be used much at all after that.

Mojo asked fans to give his new accidental tag team with Naomi a name. This was followed by Matt Cardona replying to Mojo where he made a joke about Rawley’s need for a partner.

Well you DO need a new partner. I got fired & Gronk quit.

Cardona was a part of the big April 15th releases. Those Superstars will be free to work elsewhere this week. Of course, Rob Gronkowski left WWE after he was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers thus coming out of retirement from the NFL.

On that note, Matt Cardona is also hitting the indies on his own. He previously stated that he has no plans to continue his tag team with Brian Myers on the indies.

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