Bret “The Hitman” Hart’s “Confessions of The Hitman” series is out now on his official website. In this series, the Hitman reveals many untold stories about his legendary career in pro-wrestling.

In the seventh episode of the series, the WWE Hall of Famer talked about how he “rates” pro-wrestlers. Hart brought up Hulk Hogan and his extra-ordinary physique that demands everyone’s attention as soon as he walks into a room.

I’ve always had a scale that I’ve used in my mind to try and measure how to diagnose was a great [pro] wrestler would be. And it’s like if you give 10 points in each category and there’s like three categories. The first category is the look. What’s your look? You’ve got a good look, you look at Hulk Hogan, okay? Unbelievable look, 6’8″ with the 24″ pythons, it’s an incredible [look]. When he walks in the room, the whole room stops. Like, you see it. He [has] got, like, legs stuck on his shoulders. His arms are as big as somebody’s legs.

Hart then named the likes of King Kong Bundy & Andre The Giant as people who make you go “Holy!”. The Hitman also named Rick Rude as someone with a great physique.

The former World Champion said that he would give Hogan a “10-out of-10” for his look.

Then, you look at somebody like [King Kong] Bundy comes along or Andre The Giant and you go, ‘holy!’ Then you see someone like Rick Rude come in. Anyway, certain guys have a look and as soon as you see them, you go, ‘Wow, that guy could make money as a wrestler!’ and you could see it. And a lot of wrestlers had great looks and great gimmicks and great character or personalities. As Hulk Hogan as an example, I’d give him a 9-out-of-10 on his look or maybe even 10-out-of-10 for his look. It was so good.

Overall, Hart gave The Hulkster a score of “22/30”, 10 for physique, 10 for mic-skills and 2 for his wrestling skills.

And when you add all those up, like, each category, I think of Hogan, if you give him a 10-out-of-10 on his look, you give him 10-out-of-10 on his promo, but his actual wrestling skills, you might give him a two, so you give him a 22-out-of-30 and that’s what I would gage him that.

The Hulkster’s 24-inch-Pythons are as legendary as Hogan himself. This is why actor Chris Hemsworth is bulking up more than he did for Thor to recapture The Hulkster’s physique in an upcoming biopic about the Hall of Famer.

Thank you to Wrestling Inc for the quotes.

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