Alexa Bliss Reveals Her Favorite Match Of Her Career So Far

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While we all know her as one of the best characters in the women’s division, fans tend to underestimate what Alexa Bliss is capable of in the ring.

She’s had some high quality matches over the course of her time on the main roster, from WrestleMania showdowns to battles with the Four Horsewomen and beyond.

On Twitter yesterday, Bliss confirmed that her favorite match of her career so far actually came against Charlotte Flair.

Almost three years ago, Bliss went toe to toe with Flair in a high stakes champion vs champion bout at Survivor Series – proving once and for all that she can hang with the best of the best.

Regardless of whether or not we see a rematch one day, it’s safe to say that these two have cemented their respective places in the history books.

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