WWE’s policy with marijuana isn’t a strict as it is with other drugs. The Wellness Policy has a fine instituted for being positive for THC. It was $2,500 the last we heard, and RVD probably knows that all too well.

High Times recently spoke to the famous marijuana loving Superstar. RVD told them that Stephanie McMahon advised him to just be discreet about getting high.

Stephanie McMahon gave him a heads up. “She said, ‘Look if you’re going to get high, at least be discreet about it.’” Van Dam said McMahon told him to at least change his shirt because of its pungent aroma. 

Despite the not so subtle condemnation of cannabis, RVD continued consuming and discussing its use. Likening himself to a bible thumper, Van Dam said, “I used to advocate from the perspective of feeling like I knew something that everyone else needed to know.”

RVD said when he was busted for marijuana possession as ECW and WWE Champion, things got worse. He had to drop both titles and then he was suspended for 30 days. “When I came back, it was going downhill fast to its ultimate destruction.”

Impact Wrestling might not give RVD the issues about smoking marijuana that WWE did. It wouldn’t have been an issue anyway if RVD wasn’t speeding in the first place to give that Ohio cop a reason to pull him over in the first place.

Felix Upton

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