Dasha Gonzalez Reveals How She Contacted AEW About Working With Them

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AEW brought Dash Gonzalez into the company following her release from WWE. This was a decision that not only got AEW an experienced backstage interviewer, but also a voice on the Spanish commentary table.

While speaking to Talk Is Jericho, Dasha opened up about how she got a job with AEW. All it took was sending Brandi Rhodes a text.

AEW wasn’t looking for anyone at the moment, but the CBO obviously didn’t forget about Gonzalez once AEW started television.

“I remember after getting let go, I texted Brandi like, ‘Hey, just wanted to let you know, I’m no longer with WWE,’ AEW had been announced. TV hadn’t started,” Gonzalez recalled. ‘Oh, you know what? We’re not looking for anything right now, but possibly when TV starts we’re looking for somebody full-time.’ Everything just happened in its own timing, and I’m just extremely grateful for that.”

Dasha Gonzalez has previously spoken about how AEW has provided her with many more opportunities than WWE ever did. She is allowed to show her personality a lot more as well.

WWE isn’t for everyone, but at least Dasha was able to use her connections to stay in the pro wrestling business following a bit of a rough patch.

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