Asuka is willing to try a lot of things to make sure that she stays healthy. That includes shocking herself into shape.

The RAW Women’s Champion uploaded a new video to her YouTube channel. She decided to show off methods that she uses to stay active. It was also pretty entertaining to watch because Asuka seems to like electrocuting herself.

Asuka also got into cupping a little bit as well. This is a popular method with a lot of Superstars as it helps keep the blood moving around a sore area.

She seemed to have a lot of fun despite the pain. One fan commented on her video saying: “I always laugh when I electrocute myself too and always the best time to play with sharp objects, when your hands are shaking like leaves in high winds.”

In the description for her new video, Asuka wrote: “I’ve been in my career for over 15 years with no accumulated pain, injuries, or discomfort areas.” This is certainly an interesting way to keep from having pain, because it really seems like it hurts.

You can check out the video below. Asuka has a very active YouTube channel if you’ve never given Kana Chan TV a try.

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