WWE Reportedly Didn’t Tell NXT Superstar Crowd About Fines For Not Wearing Masks

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WWE instituted a new policy where masks must be work inside the WWE Performance Center or fines will be handed down. Apparently, nobody told those people who in the crowd.

We exclusively reported that there were a lot of unanswered questions regarding the new mask wearing policy, specifically when it came to fines. It seemed cut and dry, but there were still individual worries about the new process of fining Superstars.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that no questions apparently came from the WWE recruit crowd. They simply weren’t informed about a new system of handing down fines.

The new policy that went into effect the next day was a $500 fine for not wearing a mask the first time and a $1,000 fine a second violation. However, even though WWE confirmed that officially, NXT talent used as extras claimed to be unaware of a fine system for not wearing masks.

The NXT Superstars in the crowd were eventually told about the new system of handing down fines. It was likely a big shock for them as well.

We previously reported that two NXT Superstars had to be removed from ringside for not wearing masks. It is very likely that everyone will wear a mask from this point on.

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