Renee Young Offers Words Of Wisdom While Recovering From Coronavirus

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Renee Young is recovering from coronavirus at home. She is not cleared yet, but she is apparently doing better.

Last week Young announced a cookbook is coming which is great news. She is also feeling good enough to tweet out some very wise words that she learned from experience.

Renee Young suggested that everyone should wear a mask when they’re outside. You never know if it could save your life or someone else’s around you. Renee has COVID-19 an she doesn’t suggest it for anyone else.

Just a friendly little reminder: wearing a mask can literally be saving yours or someone else’s life. As someone that’s had covid- trust me, you don’t want it. Be safe. Take care of each other.

Renee Young is resting up at home, and obviously doing better. Hopefully, her words will encourage others to take the coronavirus threat a bit more seriously, if not for themselves, but for someone else.

Jon Moxley decided to not take the risk of infecting the AEW roster so he stayed home for an additional week. He will be back at Fight For The Fallen to defend the AEW Title against Brian Cage.

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