R-Truth’s Game Show Finally Debuting On WWE Network After Years Of Waiting

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R-Truth’s game show is debuting next week. It took a long time to finally arrive, but now fans will finally see what they have in store.

WWE Network revealed that R-Truth’s game show which is appropriately titled “R-Truth’s Game Show” will debut on Tuesday, July 14th. It is unclear how many episodes have been shot.

The trailer shows WWE Superstars answering questions and doing other things over Zoom call. R-Truth is hosting the whole things, and it looks like it could be an interesting watch.

Tell us who YOU want to see on The @RonKillings Game Show before the first episode premieres Tuesday!

The company shot a pilot for this series in May 2017. It was never picked up along with other proposed WWE Network shows. They obviously found themselves circling back to the idea.

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