Dax Harwood Says Fans Are Missing The Fun By ‘Burying One Company Over The Other’

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FTR are just getting started in AEW, but they have been around long enough to notice the obvious competition on Wednesday nights. AEW Fyter Fest vs WWE NXT’s Great American Bash was a heated battle, but NXT won viewership both weeks.

AEW won the ratings which is something Chris Jericho pointed out last week. Tony Khan followed that up with a like-minded message this time around. Dax Harwood just loves the fact that there is so much great wrestling on television.

Harwood tweeted out to fans who are burying either NXT or AEW. He stated that if they’re out to bury a company then they’re missing out on the fun. He watched both shows on Wednesday night and the Top Guy stated that fans are incredibly lucky right now to have so much great wrestling on television.

Guys, if you’re burying one company over the other, you’re completely missing the fun. I watched both shows from last night and we are lucky, as fans, to get the wrestling we get! In 1997 I LOVED The Hart Foundation and I LOVED the NWO. I hope you guys can do the same.

FTR will face The Lucha Bros at Fight For The Fallen next week. Harwood already tweeted out saying that will likely be a very long match. We can only expect that won’t be the final time fans see those two teams in the ring.

It can be fun to get into the competitive aspect of companies vying for Wednesday night supremacy. The important part is that fans appreciate how much great action there is to watch.

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