The Big Show is an established veteran performer now, but there was a time when he was just getting started in the company. The Undertaker was top dog during that period, and Taker had to warm up to the new Giant.

While speaking to TalkSport, Big Show revealed that he had to fight for The Undertaker’s respect in the locker room. He did earn it and got to sit under The Phenom’s “learning tree.” He never passed up that opportunity either.

The Undertaker was just as hard on Big Show as everyone else, but he also expected more from him. In the end, The Undertaker was “really instrumental” in shaping The Big Show’s career.

“I had to fight really hard to earn Undertaker’s respect because one I got to quote-en-quote ‘sit under the learning tree’ I didn’t get free passes, I didn’t get exceptions.”

“I didn’t get ‘oh, it’s OK. Don’t worry about it.’ My ass got chewed out every single night and the only thing I could try to do was not make the same mistake twice.

“He held me at a different level to the way I conducted myself out of the ring, the way I conducted myself in the locker room; he was just really instrumental in my career and shaping me into the talent and mentor I am now. I find myself transferring a lot of the lessons I learned to the talent now. Just common sense and experience things that help them on their way.”

The Undertaker influenced many WWE Superstars along the way whether they worked with him, or they were inspired by his mystique on television. The Big Show was luck enough to get some real learning experiences with The Undertaker. Now The Big Show is at a level where he is passing those lessons on to others.

Felix Upton

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