Hulk Hogan is always looking for his next project. He might not be taking bumps, but he’s also far from stationary. The Hulkster could be planning something big soon.

Hogan made a joke saying that perhaps he and bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman could have a “Geritol match.” Coleman responded to The Hulkster in an Instagram Live video where he said that he’s always been a huge fan.

“I want to say I appreciate that, coming from a legend like you. I just want you to know that I’ve always been a big fan. I remember when you were with the WWF. That’s how far you go back, and I go back, to being old legends.”

“I remember the day when you picked up Andre the Giant, and you slammed him on that floor like he was a light weight baby. A real light weight baby, in the form of a real baby. We all know Andre the Giant was a 7-foot-five, 7-foot-six, 500lb man. So we know what it takes to pick up somebody like that. It takes a lot of strength, a lot of will, a lot of courage, a lot of eating your vitamins like we used to say back in the day. I remember that!”

Coleman ended up saying “Any day, any time, anywhere.” It sounds like he’s more than willing to mix it up with Hulk Hogan.

Hogan put out an Instagram video where he discussed going in for his 10th back surgery. Coleman replied in a separate Instagram Live video saying “Champions always find a way back to the top” regarding Hogan. He also quipped that “the world wouldn’t be ready for our tag team duo.”

Hulk Hogan sent out a tweet on Tuesday that got a lot of fans wondering what he’s up to. It has something to do with Ronnie Coleman, and it’s taking place at one of their homes.

For all you Johnny come lately bodybuilders or gym owners,this is between me and Ronnie Coleman and it’s going down at his or my house so BUTT OUT!!! HH

Hulk Hogan would also love to wrestle again. He hates the fact that his last match was likely in TNA.

We’ll have to see if WWE ever gives Hogan medical clearance to take bumps in the ring once again. In the meantime, Hulk Hogan might have his plate full with a new project involving Ronnie Coleman.

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