Maria Kanellis Just Blocked 2,000 People On Twitter


Maria Kanellis had enough of seeing hate on her timeline so she threw a block party. 2,000 “fans” were invited, too.

The former WWE Superstar recently stated on Twitter that she was washing her timeline clean from all negativity. She stated that she’s going to start blocking trolls, and she wasn’t kidding.

A couple of hours later, Maria Kanellis revealed that she just blocked/lost 2,000 followers on Twitter. This was quite a refreshing purge for the mother of two and nonessential wrestler.

I’ve lost/blocked about 2,000 “fans” followers in the last couple weeks and guess what? I feel nothing. Hahaha!! I’m here for the positivity and the good people that are on here to be entertained, accepted, motivated!! #dontbeadick #nonessential #newp #sunshine

Hopefully, Maria Kanellis’ mentions will be much more positive from this point on. Trolls are relentless and it’s very easy to make a new account. Sometimes blocking people only makes them angrier.

We’ll see how this turns out, it might end poorly. Blocking people in mass numbers generally isn’t the best look. Perhaps next time Maria Kanellis might want to execute her right to smash the “mute” button next time?

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