Mark Henry Talks Having Heat With The Kliq In WWE

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The Kliq had a lot of political pull during their run in WWE. Now a few of those Kliq members hold positions of power in NXT. Mark Henry was a Superstar during the Kliq’s reign of power as Superstars backstage and it caused a bit of an issue.

During the Broken Skull Sessions, Mark Henry revealed a prank that went wrong. Someone hid his crutches which was not a wise move. Henry “went off” on the Kliq and that caused Vince McMahon to send Mark Henry to Canada for a bit to let the heat fade.

I broke my ankle. I was frustrated and somebody hid my crutches. And when my crutches got hid, around that time, Shawn Michaels, The Kliq, those guys came up and were like, ‘man, what happened to your crutches?’ And I just went off on them. And it didn’t go over very nice, so Vince sent me to Canada to kind of let the heat blow away. And for me to not be around TVs, so I’m pissing those guys off.

Mark Henry eventually returned to WWE television and things apparently got better. The Kliq might have also learned a lesson that you don’t play games with the World’s Strongest Man’s crutches.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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