Liv Morgan Drops Cryptic Tweets About What She ‘Did Wrong’


Liv Morgan was set to get a focus as a singles performer when Paul Heyman was executive director of WWE RAW. Now it appears she is set to reunite with Ruby Riott. She wasn’t on television this week, but Morgan dropped a couple cryptic tweets to keep fans guessing.

Morgan sent out a tweet to her followers that simply said: “I know what I did wrong.” There wasn’t any other explanation.

One minute later, Morgan dropped another strange tweet that seemed to answer what she did wrong. “I wasn’t myself,” was her follow-up tweet.

There were no other immediate tweets to follow those two up. Her fans jumped on her timeline to reply. They provided words of encouragement and the general consensus is that she deserves better.

Paul Heyman did have some plans for her. Liv Morgan got a couple of backstage vignettes where she opened up a little bit, but now she seems to be going back to re-form 2/3 of the Riott Squad. That’s not a terrible thing for Liv Morgan either.

Liv Morgan might not have done anything wrong. Vince McMahon just wanted bigger names now, and he grew tired of waiting for Paul Heyman to build new Superstars.

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