The #SpeakingOut movement took over the pro wrestling world for a week in June 2020. The movement consisted of brave individuals coming forward with stories of abuse in the pro wrestling business.

The wave of #SpeakingOut allegations didn’t stop for days. The movement isn’t seeing many new stories at this point, but some are still slowly surfacing.

While speaking to The Sports Bubble, Big E opened up about the #SpeakingOut allegations. Sadly, he wasn’t surprised. He heard rumors about this sort of thing happening. He specifically mentioned David Starr while saying that Starr’s initial accuser is a friend of his.

“Sadly enough, I wasn’t surprised. You hear some whispers or have an understanding of culture. I will say there wasn’t any specific instance or a wrestler that I knew that I saw and that had like covered up. There wasn’t anything that I knew of and just shrugged my shoulders at. So, there wasn’t anything that I was specifically aware of, but it’s honestly really, really, really saddened me to see and disgusted me to see how prevalent this was.”

“And, I have to give my, like, hats off to like a friend of mine actually was the one who started this off, Victoria. She was brave enough to tell her story about David Starr, and this all came out and then she emboldened a lot of women and even men to come out and talk about some of the things that they’ve experienced, the way they were victimized in this industry.”

Many people were removed from positions of power as result of the #SpeakingOut movement. Others were fired from their positions as well. Others still deny the allegations against them.

Hopefully, the pro wrestling world will be a much safer place following the #SpeakingOut movement. Also, victims won’t have to wait years until there is a massive movement before coming forward with their own stories of abuse.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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