Alexa Bliss Reveals WWE Waited Until The Last Minute To Pull Her From Historic Match

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Alexa Bliss suffered a bad string of concussions which caused her to miss out on a lot of moments. That included getting in the ring with Trish Stratus and Lita at Evolution.

There was hope that Bliss could still work that tag team match. She got another concussion at a live event prior to Evolution, but she was told that another impact test would be given to her before the event.

Bliss revealed to Fox Sports that she flew to Evolution with the expectation that she might still get to wrestle. Then the rug was pulled out from underneath her while she was en route to the event.

“It was heartbreaking because they said, ‘take the impact test. There’s a chance you might get cleared right before Evolution. We’ll have you in the ring the day before to see how you’re feeling,’ and I ended up having really bad vertigo from the concussions. I couldn’t do anything, and I found out literally as I was flying to Evolution I wasn’t going to be cleared. It sucked, but it was a lot of fun being part of that moment and being able to watch it as a fan.”

Alicia Fox took Alexa Bliss’ place at Evolution. Fox and Mickie James lost their match to Trish Stratus and Lita. We have to wonder how things would have been different if Alexa Bliss was able to work the event.

Bliss is doing better now, but she obviously doesn’t want another repeated run of concussions like she experienced in 2018.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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