Jim Ross was head of talent relations for a time in WWE. He was privy to all the ends and outs backstage. He also had a lot of knowledge and needed to decide when it was best to share that information.

While talking about Brock Lesnar on Grilling JR, the WWE Hall Of Fame announcer stated that he had to hide information from Vince McMahon or Lesnar wouldn’t have finished college.

The question was asked whether WWE had any fear that WCW or New Japan Pro Wrestling would sign Lesnar out of college. “Absolutely not, we had him,” Jim Ross said as he confirmed that they had Lesnar’s University Of Minnesota wrestling coach J Robinson to thank for that.

Ross then stated: “as I’ve told the story before, we could’ve signed Brock after his junior year.”

They wanted Lesnar to finish school, and they also didn’t want to spoil any relationship with NCAA wrestling so Ross thought it was best that he didn’t tell Vince McMahon that he could sign the Beast Incarnate early out of college.

“I didn’t even tell Vince this story because he would’ve wanted me to go sign Brock right away.”

Brock Lesnar received a huge rookie contract from WWE. He was making “200,000 to 250,000” a year to start out. Of course, he’s making way more now, but he also has a much bigger name than when he started.

It makes us wonder how things could have been different if Lesnar signed with WWE even sooner. Perhaps he never would have taken years off to travel the world and come back with a chest tattoo.

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Felix Upton

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