Dax Harwood Says ‘All The Attitude Era Guys Hate’ FTR Except Steve Austin


FTR brought their brand of tag team wrestling to AEW, and they are just getting started. Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler already made their mark under different names, and they apparently developed a reputation with the Attitude Era guys as well.

Harwood tweeted out that “all the Attitude Era” guys hate them except for one. The only person they need on their side is The Rattlesnake.

All the attitude era guys hate us, except the biggest star of all time, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Steve Austin’s brand of pro wrestling compliments the old-school demeanor that FTR brings to the table. It would stand to reason that Stone Cold and the Top Guys would have been great allies back in the day, or they would have produced barnburner matches with any tag team partner of Austin’s choosing.

We’ll never know what it would have been like to see FTR during the Monday Night Wars. The battle is now waged on Wednesdays with Harwood and Wheeler in the thick of it.

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