Mustafa Ali Drops Series Of Cryptic Tweets Referencing WWE Coronavirus Situation


WWE is making a lot of decisions backstage that are raising some questions. The novel coronavirus exists within the company and they’re not letting people talk about it. This is a problem as transparency is nonexistent in the publicly traded company.

Mustafa Ali sees what is going on in WWE, and he might not approve. He sent out three cryptic tweets to signify how he might be feeling about this current situation.

“Sometimes, what you hear dictates what you see.”

“Fight your fears.”

“It will be greed that robs us of all that really matters.”

The first tweet is especially interesting because we are hearing a lot of things right now in WWE. The idea that you need to “fight your fears” could also be a reference to the constant backstage pressure that is apparently going on within the company.

Mustafa Ali’s final tweet about greed robbing us of “all that really matters” probably speaks for itself. WWE is making a lot of money, and they continue to perform in Florida.

We will keep an eye on this situation very closely right here at Ringside News.

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