Sometimes the world is a scary place and you need help. Indie manager Felicia Rose recently needed help, but she didn’t get anything from the police.

Rose tweeted out a few concerning messages on Thursday evening. She claimed to have went to the police with “pages and pages of evidence,” but the police looked at it and said it didn’t seem like a credible threat.

She was then made to go home where she didn’t feel safe so she could go about things in a different way. Hopefully, she can figure out a solution to her problem.

Just tried to file a police report and was told to go home. I have pages and pages of evidence and reason to actively fear for my life and officer Hurley and officer Russo of the 81st precinct feel that “their definition of stalking and mine” are completely different. I NEED HELP


Note: I was told by two different people (the ADA of victims AND a detective at the precinct before I went down) that my first step was to go there. It wasn’t until I went home after that a friend helped me learn the next steps. I’m sick of being my own detective.

I had to return to my neighborhood, where I don’t feel safe, just to be condescended to for going to a place I was told to go by multiple sources. One place had told me to call 911 based on the information presented. Imagine if I had?

Felecia Rose’s story is very concerning and we hope that she is okay. There are a lot of people coming forward about current situation and past instances of victimization as part of the #SpeakingOut movement.

Rose did not name her stalker in those tweets, but she did call out Officer Hurley and Officer Russo at the 81st Precinct who offered her zero assistance.

Felix Upton

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