Pete Dunne Responds To Fan Accusing Him Of Going Quiet About #SpeakingOut


In the past week, Pete Dunne has become one of the most prominent allies of the #SpeakingOut movement. A number of Dunne’s fellow British Wrestling Superstars have been accused of sexual misconduct.

Matt Riddle, Dunne’s tag-team partner was one of the Superstars who had been called out in the movement. However, Dunne has made it clear that be it, friend or tag-team partner, he is not going to pick sides at all.

Dunne had also promised to do his very best to bring change to the current toxic culture that is prevalent in wrestling.

A fan on Twitter accused Dunne of going quiet about the issue. Dunne responded to the fan by saying that he hasn’t felt like adding anything to his statements.

He revealed that he is working “on a lot” behind the scenes and that the fans should quit making assumptions and be patient. He said that his focus is on the real work that has to be done regarding this situation.

I haven’t felt like I can add anything to what I have already stated. I am working on a lot in the background please have patience and don’t assume the worst. I have made my stance clear. There’s real work to be done and that’s where my focus is.

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