WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is now working in AEW as a commentator and a guiding light to the young athletes of the roster. Good Ol’ Jr has years and years of experience under his belt and his words of wisdom could change a Superstar’s career for the better.

On the Grilling JR podcast, Conrad Thompson asked JR about how the wrestlers kept themselves in shape without the aid of a Performance Center or a Power Plant (WCW Training Facility). Ross said that the talent simply worked everyday and that his major concern with AEW Superstars is that they don’t get to work enough.

JR said that some of the Superstars are making enough money that they don’t need to work and that’s put a lot of them in a dangerous comfort zone.

They work every day. That’s one of my biggest concerns with AEW. It’s the fact that I don’t believe that a lot of the talents that we have get to work enough. And some of them are making enough money that they don’t want to work anymore. They’re in a comfort zone which is a dangerous area to me.


Sometimes a laid back environment creates mass complacency and when JR thinks that it’s detrimental then it’s something that should be worked upon.

You can watch the clip in which JR talks about his concerns regarding the AEW Superstars below :

Thank you to Sportskeeda for the quotes.

Darshan Sheth

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