Drake Maverick’s Wife Renee Michelle Hits Up Cocoa Beach In Revealing Onesie


Drake Maverick’s wife Renee Michelle was taken off WWE television after a few weeks of following her husband around in pursuit of the WWE 24/7 Title. She’s still very active on social media.

Click here for another one of Renee Michelle’s breathtaking photo drops.

Renee Michelle is waiting for the indies to fully re-open like so many others. In the meantime, Michelle dropped a sultry photo and she included some business advice. The location said that this photo was taken at Cocoa Beach, Florida.

You attract what you think. Once you establish yourself as independent/business minded, people like you will come your way out of nowhere. And that’s just the Universe reminding you that when you see something beautiful in yourself, others can see it & admire it as well. 

Forero Photography was behind this shot and Michelle isn’t the only WWE related name who has posed for them.

The caption Renee Michelle included had some very good advice. It is important to work on yourself first. Once that happens others are likely to “come your way out of nowhere” to surround you with like-minded positivity.

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