Ryback had a very interesting tweet to send out regarding people not believing lies. We’re not certain if this has anything to do with the #SpeakingOut movement, but it is rather hard not to notice the coincidence.

The Big Guy tweeted out saying that people don’t have to believe lies just because others do. That is a very good rule to practice as anyone should do their own research before forming an educated opinion.

He went on to talk about how the world is full of “miserable souls” who just want to drag everyone down to their level.

Just because others choose to believe lies doesn’t mean you have to believe them also. The world is filled with miserable souls with no purpose and they will just go from person to person with their misery. When we know the truth and ourselves they have no power over us.


Ryback is not afraid to speak his mind. Obviously, he feels a certain way about people believing untrue stories.

It should be noted once again that he made no direct indication in this tweet that his words concerned #SpeakingOut. He might have just picked today to let everyone know that they need to find the truth on their own.

Felix Upton

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