WATCH the Cast of WWE Backstage Make Fun of Christian’s RAW Appearance

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On this week’s episode of RAW, Christian participated in an unsanctioned match against Randy Orton in the main event. However, things went south for Captain Charisma when Ric Flair hit him with a low blow, allowing Orton to deliver a Punt to the former World Champion’s head.

On WWE Backstage this week, Renee Young brought up this topic and asked her fellow cast members, namely, CM Punk, Booker T and Mark Henry to give their thoughts about it.

Henry went in first and laughingly said that he wasn’t worried about Christian’s ability to take a beating but rather about him having a heart attack in the ring.

You know, I was really worried about Christian. Not about him being able to take a punch but him blowing and having a heart attack.

A laughing Booker T added to it and said that Christian’s finished. He said that he doesn’t understand why Christian would do something stupid like that when he has a good spot at WWE Backstage on FOX.

He’s finished! You know, I don’t know what my colleague was thinking, you know what I mean? He’s got a good spot right here with us, you know, at FOX and he wants to go out there and do something stupid like that.

CM Punk said that he wasn’t even supposed to be on this episode but since Christian decided to get his head kicked, he got to have a good pay-day this week.

I am not really sure I can add anything to the discussion at this point that Mark and Booker haven’t already said. I am just happy to be here, you know. I wasn’t supposed to be. And then Christian went and got himself kicked in the head. So I got a nice pay-day out of it, so thank you Backstage Buddha.

All four members of the panel had a fun time picking on Christian’s RAW appearance from this week. Let us hope that Captain Charisma gets back at all of them and Randy Orton next week.

Credit Ringside News if you use any quotes from this article.

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