Road Dogg had a top spot on the SmackDown writing team for a long time. He eventually left that role and is much happier and less stressed in NXT. The main roster can involve a lot of unpredictable situations, especially when you can’t read the room during a conference call.

While speaking to After The Bell, Road Dogg discussed his first conference as part of WWE creative. He wasn’t there, but he soon realized that he should have been present after accidentally putting his foot in his mouth by speaking out of turn.

“But the first creative conference call I was on with Vince, we waited a really long time for him to hop on the phone. So I was at my daughter’s softball game, and it took so long for him to get on. He finally hopped on. I wasn’t in the room. I was on the phone and preoccupied, and he finally came in the room.”

“And he goes, ‘ha ha, right on time.’ And I was like, ‘yeah, right on time if you’re three hours late.’ Not a peep was made on the other end of my phone call, and I knew right then OK, I shouldn’t have said that. I immediately regret saying that, but then I said, you know what I need to be there. I can’t be on the phone for these calls. I need to be in the room.”


Road Dogg’s daughters’ softball games were obviously important to him. That game probably didn’t have the same priority where Vince McMahon was concerned.

At this time, Road Dogg is in NXT where he assists in those television shows. His years of experience are paying off as he has worked for several areas of WWE’s operation at this point.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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